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Treatment options for tooth infections

If you have pulpitis, your dentist may advise root canal therapy to remove the infection and preserve your natural tooth. After the tooth has been treated, it will need to be headed or capped in order to restore its strength and stability.

Once an abscess from tooth decay forms, the pus needs to be drawn out of it. If you can’t save the tooth with root canal therapy and if there is pain or continued infection, often the tooth has to be extracted. Pus removal can occur before or after the extraction. If your dentist finds that extracting the tooth before treatment may allow the infection to spread and cause other complications, such as compromising the healing process after tooth extraction, then your dentist may recommend treating the infection before tooth removal to reduce these risks.

Generally, you will need to take pain medication and some antibiotics for a few days before your surgical tooth removal to remove bacteria in the area, as well as after tooth extraction to prevent infection when healing.

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